Eye for eye- Bioskop Indonesia cinema

Asian cinema stands apart from the usual cinema. Asian horrors are not mediocre. They are either fiercely scary: with a terrifying atmosphere, with depressing music, with the most unimaginable angles of shooting and with really frightening monsters and special effects, quite simple, but spectacular. Or terrible: illogical, drawn-out, full of cliches, with nasty sounds.

The Bioskop Indonesia film of Halfi Cardita “Black magic”, released in 2018, belongs, rather, to the second category. The picture is absolutely not boring, with actors running back and forth with goggle eyes, without any logic. No, at the end we are told what has happened, but it looks like a signal from an annoying fly. In general, the movie is not world-wide.

The story begins with a man drenched in blood, standing with bulging eyes and carefully feigning horror. Here he runs with a strange gait to the balcony, climbs up on the railing and, muttering something in Indonesian, falls down. The way it slams on the asphalt immediately shows the quality of the film — it does not inspire confidence.


The son of a suicide comes to Indonesia from America with his American wife, Laura, and two daughters to support his mother. However, he finds the old woman in a state of semi-insanity. She pounces on them and starts in a nasty, disgusting voice, spitting blood with glass and worms out of her mouth, and she is quickly taken to the hospital. Her son Randy (Marcelino Lefrandt) spends all the time in her room, while all sorts of nonsense is happening with his wife and children at home. They constantly see something or someone, scream, are afraid, but do not leave.

Their English-speaking servant Fatma (Ayu Dia Pasha) hints that everything that is happening is related to santet. We have found out what santet is in the credits at the very beginning of the film: it is “a deadly and frightening form of black magic or witchcraft.” At the same time it can act on an enchanted person at a distance and its principle is similar to voodoo.

Laura (Kelly Brook) is left to find out who the black wizard who torments her family is before someone else dies. And the most important thing is why he does it. However, she acts extremely sluggish, and then only when the evil manifests its essence too openly.

A strange feeling remains after watching the megaxxi movie: you watched the picture for 1.5 hours, and in the end did not see anything. In the final, everyone gets a little animated. We finally learn the terrible secret: who is to blame, and the true motives of statist. Probably:

  • the most recent scene is, of course, slightly surprising
  • but it is also funny— a lot of horror movies have already ended in this way!

Watching the film and the characters screaming in fear, you do not feel sympathy for any of them — only irritation with Laura. It is especially in the scene where Randy asks her to take her daughters and return to America. Apparently, she begins to suspect what the essence of the mother’s “disease” is and that the curse of black magic is infectious and can spread to his family.

Although, there was a moment in “Black magic” when Laura and her daughters, Alia (jazz Ocampo) and Kelly (BYU Nadia Cartain), confused by the Morok, try to save each other, thinking that the others were attacked by one of them. It is a great scene, just for the sake of which you do not regret the time spent on viewing.

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