What you didn’t know about jadwal xxi films

In Indonesian horror films, the shamanic theme is often played out, and most often the evil forces are not defeated by the heroes, as in Western movies, but rather by “guides of good forces” and supporters of light magic. This is partly due to the fact that ideas of individualism are not widely spread in Indonesia and there is almost no image of a lone hero. The consciousness of Indonesians is collective and archaic.

Some researchers note that if you ask a resident of a country who they are, they often will not be able to characterize themselves as a person but will identify themselves through the collective or the genus to which they belong. Given this feature of national psychology, it is easy to understand why the classic image of the Western movie of a hero-individualist conquering evil, did not appear in jadwal xxi Indonesia.

During the “New order” Indonesian cinema began to develop at a furious pace

During ten or twenty years, it started “from scratch” and bypassed the older and financially wealthy film industries — Turkish and Indian ones, and eventually reached a completely “Hong Kong-South Korean” level. Today, Indonesian cinema produces films for every taste, from existential dramas and action films to horror films.

We will not stop at dramas and action games, limiting ourselves to the recommendation to look at relatively new films “The Philosophers” and both parts of “The Raid”, which easily bypass both many American examples of the genre and Hong Kong action movies that have long been the standard of dynamism, brutality and brutality. The horrors are worth dwelling on in more detail.

The incredible appeal and “horror-richness” of Indonesian culture has long gone beyond the borders of the country. For example, Mona Fendi was executed in neighboring Malaysia in 2001 — she was a famous pop singer and sorceress who provided magical services to high-ranking clients, who simultaneously engaged in occult practices and brought human victims. She was caught after she and her husband killed Mazlan Idris — a well-known Malaysian politician.

She used her occult services more than once, which, in general, is normal for Malaysia. Curiously, the main magic talisman that Mona used in working with Idris was an amulet that allegedly belonged to former Indonesian President Sukarno.

Despite some tendency to create commercially profitable faceless cliché pictures, excellent horror films continue to be made in modern Indonesia.

For example, “Dara” which was released in 2009 (Rumah Dara) is a strong slasher with a mystical background and emancipated and aggressive women who are traditional for the national horror cinema. According to the filmmakers, it was banned in neighboring Malaysia due to scenes of excessive violence.

This movie has everything you need for lovers of slashers from exotic corners of the world. A group of young people, strange and spectacular-looking women who live in the country and lure naive travelers to them, bloody scenes, the theme of vampirism, cannibalism and eternal youth.

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